NNESL Board Meeting – August 2017 Minutes


6:30 PM  meeting started 6:35


  1. Introduction/Participants present (JB)

Present: Steve, John, Nicole, Ian, Scott L, Geoff Carlton (MV), Joe Knapp (North Hampton) Mark Chagnon (Hooksett), Matt, Mark W, Brett (Dover), Scott F

  1. Discussion on dual rostering.  Need to talk about the philosophy of it.  Probably a winter conversation.  US Club won’t allow but we will dialogue more.

  2. Placement and midseason - when and what is criteria to relegate or promote.  For competition committee.  

  3. Invoicing teams and how that can get done - Nicole set up PayPal account.  Should be ready by this weekend.  Clubs will get invoices.

  4. Liabilities are assignor (end of season), USOfficials, Steve …

  5. WeGotSoccer wants to sponsor league Dollar amount deleted from minutes per 9/27/17 meeting to advertise his business.  Kennebunk Savings may sponsor playoffs (still waiting to hear back).  Need to follow up with Harvard Pilgrim.

  6. NNESL wants to see the proposal before approving WeGotSoccer

  7. Steve will communicate with Ryan who will communicate with referees.  

  8. Cards to be shown U11 and up.  Rosters only U10 and below.  Any guest player NEEDS physical card (U11 and above).  

  9. Disciplinary Board of 3.  Will include Nicole Enright, Mark Chagnon, Mark Weaver.  Alternate in case of recusal will be NNESL president, John B

  10. Board positions:  

    1. At-Large - Mark Chagnon

    2. At-Large - Geoff Charlton

    3. Nicole made motion to accept Mark and Geoff.  Mark Weaver seconded.  vote unanimous yea

  11. Matt makes motion to accept $5000 sponsorship from WeGotSoccer.  Seconded by Mark C.  From 9/01/2017 to 10/01/2018.  Full exposure on website and at any event.  League won’t secure another apparel marketer during this time.  Will connect him to club presidents.  All in favor.  ***via email board accepted terms extend to 12/31/2018 ***[SL]

  12. Competition Committee needs to look at playoffs and come up with recommendation.  Do more than top two if possible.  Take four teams from each division U11 and up.

  13. NNESL wants to have a pattern of open meeting and then, if necessary take a motion to go into executive session.

  14. Need to send minutes out to board, approve via email or at next board meeting, then post on website.

  15. 13 divisions, 3 games, 39 games for playoffs.   

  16. Mark C makes motion to appoint Scott L, Scott F., Mike Hill to NNESL competition committee.  seconded by Geoff.  NO further discussion.  Unanimous in favor.

  17. Need to get an administrative committee … will do that in a future meeting.  Finance reports will start coming soon.

  18. Scott F makes motion to host playoffs for four top teams of each division U11 and up the weekend after the regular season ends.  Seconded by Mark C.  All in favor.  

  19. 9U and 10U report scores?  Yes.  Coaches will report score.  

  20. Nicole make a motion to do Quickbooks online at $35 per month.  Geoff seconds that.  Right now only Nicole has access.  Mark Weaver will get full access too.  Some will get viewing.  All in favor.

  21. Sportsengine a possibility for Spring.   Wed 9/27 next meeting 6:30 McConnell .

  22. Meeting adjourned at 8:46