Update: Fall Playoff Format

U11-U15 Divisions

As we prepare for the upcoming playoffs that are scheduled to take place October 31-November 1, there are a a few items the league wishes to share with everyone.

Where we have seen an increase in COVID related scenarios and teams pausing activity during the past few weeks, we realize there could be a situation heading into playoff weekend where a team could be affected by a COVID related issue. If this situation should occur where a team is forced to suspend activity for the timeframe that involves the playoff weekend, the affected team will be withdrawn from the playoff format, resulting in a bye for the opposing team.

  • For any #5v#6 consolation games, that game would not take place and the team receiving the forfeit would not advance.
  • For any 1v4 or 2v3 semifinal, if a team withdraws, the opponent would receive a bye and move on to the final on Sunday, remaining consistent with the original playoff format.

While the situation outlined above is not ideal, NNESL is trying to outline possible scenarios for planning purposes as changes could come in last minute due to the nature of managing the playoff games within the current environment. We are hoping these changes are not necessary but in an effort to keep all member clubs informed of the process, we wanted to share the outline of the procedure prior to playoff weekend should something occur.

Also, for divisions where a game (or games) are unable to be played/completed prior to October 26th due to rainouts/suspended activity, NNESL will determine standings using a “points per game” formula for games that have been completed. This formula will only be used in divisions where un-played games remain on the schedule.