Fall 2021 Playoff Rules & Procedures


The NNESL Playoffs will be held on November 10th, 13th, and 14th at the Seacoast United Soccer Cub Complex, Epping, NH.

• Wednesday, November 10th – Quarterfinals (U12 Boys & Girls Championship Divisions)
• Saturday, November 13th – Semifinals (All Divisions U11 and older)
• Sunday, November 14th – Finals (All Divisions U11 and older)



All players and coaches participating in the NNESL Playoff weekend must be approved and registered US Club members and all rosters must be complete with photos (for all players and coaches), as well as jersey numbers entered for each player.



Same rules apply as in the regular season. Click here to view Roster Rules.

  • If your team is planning on rostering Guest Pass Players, you must email your roster to kfoley@nnesoccerleague.org and mcaffelle@nnesoccerleague.org by Wednesday, November 10th at 6:00pm, or those players will not be allowed to play. Note: If your U12 Championship Division team is involved in the Quarterfinal games on Wednesday, November 10th your guest pass players need to be submitted by Monday, November 8th at 6:00pm.
  • Guest Pass Players can only be rostered from a younger team or lower division from your club.
  • In the spirit of the game, Club Passes should not be used to gain an advantage in the playoffs (for example, if a team regularly used a club pass during the regular season, the team should use the club pass in the same way, or if a team is missing players who cannot make it for the playoffs, then the passes could be used to allow the team to have substitutes for a game).



For all games this weekend, one representative from your team (coach/asst coach/manager) should present the following for check-in:

  • A printed copy of your roster (required), along with the names & player ID #s of any guest players. A printed copy of the roster for the guest player's primary team is also required.
  • Only coaches whose names appear on the roster will be allowed in the bench area.
  • Only NNESL rosters will be accepted at check-in.

Wednesday Quarterfinals: Check-In will be handled by the officials/referees on the field.

Saturday Semi Finals: All Teams are required to check in with NNESL staff 30 minutes prior to kickoff at the table in the pavilion.

Sunday Finals:  All Teams are required to check in with NNESL staff 30 minutes prior to kickoff at the table in the pavilion.

Teams failing to check in on time may result in a forfeited game.



U11-U12 Divisions:  2 x 30 minute halves

U13/U14 Divisions:  2 x 35 minute halves

U15 Divisions:  2 x 40 minute halves

Overtime: *** RULE CHANGE FROM PAST SEASONS *** One 5-minute period, Golden Goal. If tied after the overtime period, the game will progress to Penalty Kicks. The initial round of PKs will be 5 per team, if the game is still tied following that round then the game will proceed with PKs on a 1 per team basis until a winner is determined. Only the players on the field at the end of the overtime period will be allowed to participate in the PKs to determine the winner.  

*The league reserves the right to amend the game length or suspend overtime and proceed directly to PKs due to weather or other conditions the league deems necessary due to time constraints.



U11 & U12:  Size 4

U13-U15:  Size 5

Game balls will be provided by the home team/higher seed (as listed first on the schedule).



Players may wear leggings (must be under shin guards, shorts and socks). Hats with no brim, no string ties, or pom poms are permitted subject to the referee's approval for safety. No hoodies.



NO PETS are allowed at any of the tournament facilities. Anyone with pets will be asked to leave the facility.

NO SMOKING/NO ALCOHOL is allowed at any of the tournament facilities. This includes the parking lot.  Anyone found to be smoking/consuming alcohol will be removed from the tournament facility.



Players ejected or coaches dismissed from a match will be removed from the entire playoff tournament and will not be allowed to return/participate.


Thank you and good luck to all teams!


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Fall 2021 season schedule:


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