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NNESL Spring 2021 Team Registration

NNESL Spring Team Registration begins February 1st, 2021.  Submit your team application(s)!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER:  March 19th, 2021

Please remember to associate your Club Admin Account and click the NNESL Spring 2021 Event.  *Please note club accounts must be linked to the league in order for your home fields to be available for scheduling.

The season is expecting to kick off on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

Important Dates: Spring 2021

Please reference our NNESL Calendar of Events 2021 for important dates and deadlines.

Looking to join the NNESL? 

Click here to complete the new club application.

If you need assistance with team registration contact GotSoccer Support at 904-746-4446 

Quick summary of differences for Rules of Play | NNESL

Dear NNESL Club Members,
We are excited for the start of the season, and wanted to make you all aware of some modifications made to the rules of play that may differ from past coaching experiences...

NNESL New Roster Recommendations

The NNESL Board in conjuction with the Competition Committee has adopted the following Roster recommendations for the Fall...

NNESL / US Club Soccer Affiliation

Northern New England Soccer League – US Club Soccer Affiliation.

NNESL believes in “players first”.  As its core, US Club soccer and NNESL believes better clubs, develop and foster an environment...

NNESL League Objective

Create fall and spring travel league focusing on club/program development and player opportunities. This will be a membership voting league and an executive committee established to guide the league...

Player & Coach Registration on US Club Soccer

Please reference the link below for assistance.