NNESL / US Club Soccer Affiliation

Northern New England Soccer League – US Club Soccer Affiliation.

NNESL believes in “players first”.  As its core, US Club soccer and NNESL believes better clubs, develop and foster an environment for better coaches.  Better coaches develop better players and help create an environment where players and families participate for the “love of the game”.

Why US Club Soccer?

  • Nationally recognized without state borders.  Teams can participate in leagues and tournaments without worrying about “permission to travel” forms or state insurance
  • No intermediate agency is needed.  The NNESL and its clubs are directly connected to US Club Soccer.
  • Registration for players and coaches
    • Hands on registration support.  Each club will be assigned a staff member from US Club office for direct line support
    • Web-site webinars to support town registrars
    • Background screening
  • All US Club Soccer-registered youth players, coaches and staff members are covered by an accident insurance policy.  The policy also covers approved international travel.  US Club Soccer’s member clubs, travel teams and recreational leagues, and its registered member players and staff members are also insured for US Club Soccer youth activities by a general liability policy.
  • US Club Soccer provides for all levels, allowing club, team and player growth.
    • National Cups
    • State Cups for Elite teams
    • Premier Cup for town travel teams
    • Premier and town travel leagues
    • Recreation and community programs

NNESL and US Club Soccer: a matching philosophy of player development versus emphasis on winning.

NNESL and US Club soccer, through its philosophy of coach and player development will provide a framework for coaches and parents and will show how to understand the value of their child’s soccer experience, replacing the reliance on match outcomes, which hinders the proper player development methodology and by developing policies (division placement) to ensure competitive parity.

NNESL encourages and supports collaboration and cooperation between clubs/towns in promoting the best interest of players and of the game.  By doing this, the league will reinvest back into the league and the member towns.

  • Pre-season meetings with coaching coordinators to assess team placements
  • Post season meetings with club representative for feedback and review
  • Provide coaching development sessions and coaching support
  • Financial aid support to families in need
  • Equipment and club support
  • Provide neutral fields to ease travel
  • Annual review of fees with potential rebates to member clubs
  • Voting  members (clubs with four or more teams registered) receive an equal vote in strategic NNESL decisions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

NNESL will also provide a pathway for players who are excelling

  • Players identification and training sessions
  • NNESL spring state teams, providing opportunities to participate as a group within the New England Premier League.
  • NNESL partnership with NEP and NEC, providing a pathway for stronger town teams.