Quick summary of differences for Rules of Play | NNESL

Dear NNESL Club Members,
We are excited for the start of the season, and wanted to make you all aware of some modifications made to the rules of play that may differ from past coaching experiences. Please review the below and make sure all your coaches are made aware of the modifications. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
1.  No coach or player may participate if his or her pass is not provided to the referee. Exception to this, is if electronic photo verification of the coach or player can be provided through the league’s registration database. In the event a coach doesn’t have his/hers US Club pass but is listed on the roster and provides a valid driver’s license, that coach may participate.

2.  PROMOTION AND RELEGATION - In an attempt to focus on player development and maintain team parity, the league’s competition committee reserves the right to promote or relegate teams at the mid-point (Fall – Columbus Day Weekend | Spring – Memorial Day Weekend) of each season.

4.  Players registered on a roster can be added/written in to another team’s game roster within the same club. Players may not play for another club. 

5.  9U-12U – During regular season match play (not playoffs or championship games), once the goal differential reaches five, the losing team may add one player (if they wish), until the goal differential becomes less than five.

6.  RULES MODIFICATIONS FOR 7v7 - The build out line (half line) promotes playing the ball out of the back in a less pressured setting. When the goalkeeper has the ball in his/her hands, either during play (from the opponent) or from a goal kick, the opposition players must retreat into their own half of the playing field until the ball is put into play. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line (half line), the goalkeeper can PASS, THROW or ROLL the ball into play (Punts and drop kicks are not allowed for 7v7). Note: in the event the goalkeeper decides to play the ball quickly, and not allow the opposing team time to retreat, the goalkeeper accepts the fact the opponents can then challenge for the ball.

7.  Off sides will be played at all ages from 9U-18U 
At the scheduled time for the match, the league will allow fifteen (15) minutes for the minimum number of players to show to help constitute a team. At the scheduled time for the match a five (5) minute grace period will be provided to allow additional players to arrive. After the five (5) minute grace period the match will start.  

8.  Under no circumstances will a Coach, team manager or any other Club representative change a scheduled match or reschedule a match without permission from the League. Should this occur, both teams will forfeit the match and will be responsible for their share of the referee and associated assignor fees.

For further details on the above modifications and other league rules, please visit http://www.nnesoccerleague.org/league-info/rules-of-play/operating-rules .

NNESL Competition Committee