Message From The League President

To: New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts Soccer Organizations

The NNESL was formed in January 2017 by 7 clubs: Dover SA, Hampton Attack, Exeter YSA, Portsmouth SC, Rochester YSA, ROSO SC & SUSC affiliates with the goal of launching a new travel soccer league managed by and responsive to its members. As the league took form, the original six clubs were joined by Hooksett Travel, Maximum Velocity FC, and Revolution United FC with committed teams for the fall 2017 season along with Rye Revolution and the North Hampton Sting. The Newmarket Youth Soccer Association and the Oyster River Youth Soccer Association entered teams in the fall competition while they contemplate becoming full members In addition; clubs from southern Maine and northeastern Mass continue to show interest but wanted to see how the league evolved. NNESL continues to engage with other clubs and leagues about expanding opportunities for competitive soccer in the southern Maine, northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire region. We were pleased to announce Fremont SC and Barrington Storm as new members and they have started to attend/participate in regular NNESL Board meetings. Newmarket Youth Soccer Association continues to explore full membership and all indications are that a few teams from southern Maine will be joining this fall.

One of the other topics of conversation has been the current Spring Season. NNESL was very aware of the challenges the spring would bring. A lot of critics felt that NNESL would not survive after the spring season. Traditionally some of the clubs in the seacoast area do not play club soccer in spring for a number of reasons. The NNESL was committed to offering a spring season but realistic in our expectations and worked to ensure member clubs/teams found appropriate levels of league play and in some cases with leagues outside of the NNESL (NSL and NEP). This would not have happened without the NNESL philosophy of making the best decisions for its members and participants. We continue to move forward stronger and better.

The 2017 fall season was comprised of 127 teams capped off by a very competitive end of season tournament. We anticipate even greater success this fall. Why? Very simply put, the NNESL is OUR/YOUR league. The NNESL is run by members, managed by members, and decisions are made as much as possible by consensus, not edicts. The success of the NNESL depends on us as members. As members we have a responsibility to promote membership benefits, a responsibility engage new members and a responsibility to participate in NNESL meetings and discussions. Our members are in this for the right reasons. By organizing under the US Club Soccer, our members enjoy a simple registration process. We have flexibility to manage the NNESL in a manner that best suits the needs of our members without heavy handed oversight. We have opened pathways (through scheduling games and by US Club Soccer registration) for advanced player development regionally and nationally with the ability for players to play on both their town travel teams and for a regional club without having to dual register.

With all of our successes we continue have one nagging disappointment. The NNESL continues to be portrayed by those not associated with the NNESL and with US Club Soccer as a league created and run for the benefit of a private for profit member of the NNESL. Nothing could be more further from the truth. If you have heard this or consider this is a barrier to your club becoming a member of the NNESL, speak directly with me, a Board member or better yet attend one of our regular monthly meetings. If that is not possible, I or another Board member will come to one of your board meetings. We are that committed to providing you with all of the facts openly and transparently.

The next NNESL Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday June 27, 2018 for 7:00 PM at the Hooksett Public Library. This will be a regular meeting of the NNESL Board and a special program will be included for clubs considering the NNESL to come and attend an informational presentation about the NNESL and to ask questions of the NNESL as nonmember clubs consider league options for the fall. More details will be available on the NNESL webpage in the coming days. We look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,

John Boisvert NNESL President