New NNESL Administration Team Announced

Announcement from the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Northern New England Soccer League (NNESL) is pleased to present to our members a new long-term administration strategy for the League.  With the retirement of League Administrator Steve Lewis as of January 1, 2020, the NNESL Board reviewed options for his replacement.  The options that including hiring a part time Administrator or assigning administrative duties to volunteer members of the NNESL.  The Board determined that it would be in the best interest of NNESL to move the league administrative duties to a group of professionals having direct knowledge and experience in league operations.

After considering options, the NNESL Board selected a proposal that dedicates a small group of Seacoast United Sports Club (SUSC) staff members to work directly with the NNESL board to provide administrative support to the league that includes club/team registration, scheduling, technical support to member clubs, website maintenance, fundraising support, and social media support. The agreement with SUSC is structured such that club fees associated with administration will remain consistent with those prior to the NNESL and SUSC reaching this agreement. The agreement also offers the possibility for the NNESL to provide expanded services to member clubs based on the desires of the members going forward.   

NNESL President John Boisvert offered the following statement. “On behalf of the Board of Directors we are very excited for this opportunity to secure administrative services in partnership with an organization as respected as SUSC. SUSC not only brings with them talented individuals known to most league members but provides depth and backup that is difficult for a single administrator to provide. This arrangement frees the Board to manage and decide policy for the League knowing that day to day administration is in capable hands with Board guidance and input.”

SUSC Chief Operating Officer Ian Burgess commented on the opportunity to support the NNESL,  ”When we heard of Steve Lewis’ retirement from NNESL we looked at our team here and thought there could be an opportunity for NNESL to leverage the knowledge of some SUSC individuals who specialize in the administrative services that would be needed. Obviously, the growth and success of NNESL is great for the soccer community in our region and we are happy to provide support as the league continues to grow.”

Further details on the transition to the new administration structure will be provided to our members at our Annual General Meeting on February 12, 2020 and at a special meeting for current and prospective new members on March 11, 2020. The NNESL Board looks forward to the future and would like to thank all our members for their continued support.