Spring 2019 Season Overview

The spring season will kick off on April 27st. 

  • The spring season will consist of 6 regular season games plus 1 guaranteed playoff game for all teams U11 and above. 
  • Games will primarily be scheduled on Saturday.
  • May 5th & May 19th will be designated Sunday games as well as Saturday
  • Friday Night games can be scheduled upon request and agreement of both coaches.  This will apply to other mid week games as well.
  • PROMOTION AND RELEGATION In an attempt to focus on player development and maintain team parity, the league’s competition committee reserves the right to promote or relegate teams at the mid-point (after 3-4 games Fall | Spring) of each season. This may result in schedule changes.
  • All teams will play in a playoff match. (1v4 / 2v3 seeds) on Fri June 7th .   For lower seeded teams Friday / Sat June 7th & 8th f. 
  • The winners of the 1v4 and 2v3 match-ups will play on Sat June 8th (Epping NH).
  • Champions for the 13's, 14's, 15's & 17's both Boys & Girls will play in the NSL/NNESL Champions Cup in Lancaster, MA on June 9th
  • Games for the lower seeds i.e. 5 v 6 & 7 v 8 will be played at the higher seeds home field on Friday night June 7 or Saturday June 8.
  • All U9 & U10 teams will play in a weekend jamboree June 8th & June 9th ( location TBD).

NNESL/NSL 2019 Champions Cup
There will also be a NNESL / NSL Champions Cup Tournament for the Premiership Division Champions. Champions for the 13's, 14's, 15's & 17's both Boys & Girls 

Date:  Sun June 9th

Location: Lancaster, MA