Weather Cancellation Policy & Procedure

It is the home team's decision as to whether or not a game is to be cancelled based upon their field conditions. The weather across the state can be very random, therefore it will be the home teams location manager/field coordinator that will make the call. Please make every effort to get the games played as long as it is safe to do so. Soccer may be played in the rain as long as the conditions are safe.

If weather forecasts are bad for the entire day, it will then be the home teams location manager to take this into consideration with making this decision. Remember, safety needs to be a priority.

  • If the decision is made to cancel the game, CLICK on Weather Alerts.
  • Follow instructions to submit the weather cancellation form. Choose your play date at the top of the screen. Enter your game number, field information, etc., as shown.
  • After posting, CALL the coach of the opposing team. Do not rely just on email.
  • Both steps must be completed in order to cancel the game due to weather.
  • Making up the game will be handled as a game change request. Coordinate with the opposing coach on when the game will be made up, enter the "reason for change request" as weather cancellation and provide the new date and time. Games will need 72 hours to allow to referee coverage for a weather related makeup game. If you are attempting to make up the game sooner than 72 hours, you will need to call the league administrator for approval before notifying both teams However referees cannot be guaranteed.
  • Emailed weather cancellations and / or rescheduling of games will not be accepted.


If you hear thunder or see lightning a game is to be stopped immediately (or not started if prior to kickoff) and there is a MANDATORY 30 minute waiting period from the last hearing of thunder or sight of lightning before a game may be restarted.

  • A game which has been started and then stopped by the referee due to weather or field conditions will be resumed from the point of stoppage if this can be done within the same day.
  • If this cannot be completed because of continuing weather or field conditions or darkness, the game will be rescheduled and replayed in its entirety, unless, the game has already been started in the second half, at which time the result will stand, or unless, in the sole and absolute discretion of the League Administrator, another result is appropriate.
  • The League Administrator shall also, on request or on his or her own initiative, investigate and determine the result of any game either: [a] stopped due to weather or field conditions and not resumed for reasons other than these or darkness, or [b] terminated by the referee for reasons other than weather or field conditions.

EVERYONE - PLAYERS, COACH'S, REFEREES and SPECTATORS should seek safe shelter until the game can be resumed, postponed or terminated

Here is information from US Soccer

Here is information from NOAA

Here are some additional guidelines regarding Thunder and Lightning

  • If the coach's are willing to wait then the Referees are to wait however long is needed to play the game.
  • The Referee should not terminate the game unless the field is unplayable or both coach's have agreed to postpone/cancel the match.

Regarding the Game Score Submittal

  • If the game was canceled prior to the start - NO Game Score is Submitted
  • If the game was canceled anytime in the first half or prior to the start of the second half - NO Game Score is Submitted
  • If the game was canceled anytime after the start of the SECOND HALF- Game Score is submitted

Regarding Referee Payment

  • If the game was started the Referees are entitled to keep payment
  • If the game was not played Referees are not entitled to payment