Spring 2019 Season Overview

The spring season will kick off on April 27st. 

  • The spring season will consist of 6 regular season games plus 1 guaranteed playoff game for all teams U11 and above. 

May 31, June 1-2 

Playoffs for 11 and above - all teams at home of the higher seeds.  Match ups will be posted to the schedules by May 26th.

Semi Finals will be will be played at the home field of the higher seed (i.e. 1v4 / 2v4) 

If there are 3 teams the 2v3 game will be played on June 1 or 2

If there are 5 teams the 4v5 game will be played on 5/30 or 5/31. 1v winner of 4v5 play June 1 or 2

If 6 teams the 5v6 game will be scheduled on June 1 or 2.  

If there are 7 teams the the 6v7 will be played on 5/30 or 5/31. 5v6 game on June 1or 2

Finals June 8 in Epping

Only the winners of the 1v4/2v3, the 1v winner of the 2v3 will play on June 8th as finals for all divisions 11 and above

June 9 in Lancaster, MA  ***** UPDATE ****** JUNE 15th

Winners of the 12 and above 13's & 14's finals Premiership will play in Champions Cup Game on June 15th in Lancaster v NSL

All U9 & U10 teams will play in a weekend jamboree June 8th & June 9th ( location Roger Allen in Rochester ).